Root Canals vs. Extractions: Pros and Cons

When tooth pain strikes, our instinct is to get relief quickly. Toothaches seem to happen at the most inconvenient times and can put a damper on our plans. But often, there are options, such as root canals and extractions, to treat a tooth that is causing severe pain. If a tooth has been injured from previous trauma, dental work or decay, your dentist will assess the extent of the injury and determine whether the tooth is savable. If there is enough tooth structure left and the tooth hasn’t already been previously treated with a root canal, your dentist may recommend Read More →

Missing a tooth? What are your options?

A missing tooth can be troubling, to say the least. So, we asked one of our assistants to give us a quick summary of some of the options available to replace your missing tooth! Full or partial dentures are one option to replace missing teeth. This option is typically best for anyone missing several or all of their teeth. A partial denture is removable. Teeth are inserted on the partial denture where your teeth are missing. Clasps are placed on the partial denture that hook around your natural teeth to hold it in place. A full denture is also removable Read More →

My child had a tooth knocked out. What do I do?

First, if the tooth is a baby tooth, DON’T plan on replanting the tooth. Replanting baby teeth can cause damage to the developing permanent tooth and is not recommended. However, if the tooth is a permanent tooth, grab the tooth by the crown (not the root) and very gently clean any debris off the tooth with water, being careful not to remove and tissue attached to the root. Next, gently insert the tooth back into the socket (you can do it!) Make sure the tooth isn’t in there backwards (easy mistake) and call your dentist ASAP. If you cannot bring Read More →