How Long Will Crowns Last?

Crowns are a common practice in dentistry. They are used to help prevent further cracking, to protect already heavily filled teeth, and for aesthetics. Many of our patients ask how long their crowns will last. The answer is: it depends!


Crown Longevity Depends on Good Home Care

There are many factors that go into the longevity of a crown. A big misconception is that crowns can’t get cavities. A crown is simply a real tooth, covered. The tooth still has a root and nerve. There are still surfaces of the tooth that are exposed and capable of getting cavities. Meticulous home care can help to prolong the life of a crown by not allowing decay to get into it. Cavities around crowns can  be difficult to treat. Often, cavities can lead to removing and replacing the old crown.

In general, however, crowns last for many years. In my hygiene career, I’ve seen many crowns that have lasted a lifetime. I’ve also seen crowns that weren’t properly taken care of and needed replacing sooner than anticipated. Changes in dietary habits, medications and home care can increase the risk of a cavity occurring and a crown needing repair.

There are some rare cases where other unforeseen events under the tooth lead to premature loss of a tooth that was crowned, but these are atypical. Sometimes a tooth can have a hidden fracture down the root or need a root canal. These are cases that will usually present with other symptoms. Regular trips to the dentist, with X-rays, can allow your Rochester dentist to assess the crowns you have.

Basically, the patient is in the driver’s seat when it comes to increasing the lifespan of a crown. A wise person once said, “floss the teeth you want to keep!” This includes crowns! They are teeth, too, and we want you to the get the most out of your investment. Schedule an appointment with our Rochester, MN family dentists today. We offer same day crowns to fit your busy schedule!

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