Quick Fixes With Toothpaste

photo of different kinds of toothpasteToothpaste has always been thee product to help keep your teeth clean, but it actually has many uses that don’t involve your mouth! (Non-gel toothpaste is recommended for alternative uses).

A trip to the jewelry store is not always easy or convenient just to have your ring cleaned. So, when in need, take an old toothbrush and a dab of toothpaste, scrub your jewelry, rinse under water, and then look at it shine!

Clean your ring with toothpasteDo you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews? Provide daycare or babysit a lot? It seems inevitable that one of your kids wil get a hold of a crayon and write on your walls at some point. Take a damp cloth with some toothpaste and scrub the area, then rinse and dry spot with a clean cloth. Watch the crayon quickly disappear from your walls!

Marks on your leather shoes giving you the blues? Try this trick to make them look brand new! Dab toothpaste directly to shoes and scrub with a cloth or old toothbrush, rinse and dry areas, and your done!

We are all to familiar with pesky bug bites in Minnesota, but do you ever get burned or bit and not have something handy to soothe the area? Dab a little toothpaste on your bite or burn and leave on overnight. Rinse off in the morning and the affected area will feel better!

Old or new, re-decorating your house is part of being a home owner, but now you have exposed nail holes! Simply place toothpaste in the holes and let dry. Once area is dry you can paint over the spot and no one will ever know it was there!

Run out of household cleaner for your shower door? It’s toothpaste to the rescue! Place some toothpaste on a sponge and rub on shower door in a circular motion, rinse and voila! The door is sparkly clean!

So, when you’re in a hurry and need a quick fix, remember the one thing you always have on hand might be able to take care of the problem – TOOTHPASTE!!