What Parents Need to Know About Permanent Teeth

Your child’s smile is bound to change throughout the years, as they transition from baby to permanent teeth. One of the most common question our Rochester family dentists get from parents is, “When will my child lose their first tooth?” The answer is not concrete. For many, the first tooth is lost between the ages of 5 and 7. Typically, the first teeth lost will be the lower, central incisors. When permanent teeth erupt, they tend to have bumps on the edge. These are called mammelons – and they are normal! As time goes on, they wear down to be Read More →

Where are those baby teeth?!

You hear awful stories about more tantrums, extra saliva, and a general fussiness while your baby is teething! Unfortunately, we are not able to help you out with the things that seem to come along with teething, but we can help you know when to expect it. Primary teeth, more often referred to as baby teeth, are already developing by the time your baby is born. All teeth will generally erupt before three years of age, beginning with the bottom front teeth (central incisors) between 6 and 10 months old. The upper front teeth are next, coming in at 8-12 Read More →

Teething 101

With a growing son of her own, our hygienist, Christina, knows that teething happens. It’s inevitable, and it’s not always fun. The day your little infant’s rubber gums finally pop that new tooth through is exciting! That first day is also stressful, knowing approximately nineteen other pearly whites will soon follow suit. Teething typically begins around 6 months old, although some infants don’t get their first tooth until closer to 12-14 months. A complete set of 20 teeth should be in your child’s mouth around the age of 2.5-3 years old. Many parents complain of the sleepless nights and the increased Read More →