We don’t skimp on comfort at the Dentist!

Comfort at the dentist

Do you skip your dental visits because of anxiety, painful visits, or you’re just uncomfortable coming to see us?  We have some solutions for you!

Many of our patients are sensitive to the noise made by our dental instruments. We provide television and headphones to keep your ears occupied by your favorite show instead! Many of our patients also bring an iPod or other device to listen to music or bring back one of our magazines to read.

As hard as we try, our dental chairs will never be as comfortable as your bed or couch at home, but we do our best to keep you comfortable anyway. We offer pillows and warm blankets upon request!

Need to bring your children with? Great! We have a play area in the reception room, large stuffed animals in each treatment room, and cartoons!

Does your mouth get sore from holding it open too long or does a cleaning just hurt in general? Ask your doctor about using nitrous oxide, topical anesthetic, or a bite block to help you to be more comfortable during your visit!

We know that very few people enjoy visiting the dentist. Whether you come on a regular basis or just when a toothache forces you to, we want to ensure your comfort at Family Dentist Tree.