Your Dental Travel Kit

photo of travel

How many times have you been on vacation and arrived only to find that you forgot ……….. your toothbrush! This problem can be solved by making a quick trip to the store in some situations, but to avoid the hassle we have put together a quick guide to cover all of your travel dental needs.

Dental Travel KitFirst and foremost, you need a toothbrush. To be more specific a travel toothbrush is most convenient, commonly being small enough to fit in your travel pack. Whether a travel brush, or regular sized brush, a cover or case is an efficient way to keep germs and other debris out during your trip.

The second most important item is a travel sized toothpaste. You can buy these at your local grocery store, or pick up a tube at your dentist’s office at your pre-vacation check up!

To keep your breath fresh, gums healthy, and to be sure you don’t miss any tooth surfaces, be sure to bring floss, sugar-free gum and mouthwash.

Most don’t think of dental wax as a must when taking a vacation, but to your surprise it may come in handy. What happens when you lose a filling or chip a tooth? Dental wax (commonly used for patients with braces) can help temporarily smooth a tooth’s rough edge and keep it from rubbing against your cheek or tongue. You can get this from your dentist or local drug store to check this item off your list!

Be sure to schedule a visit with your dentist before you leave, especially if you are traveling overseas or have been having dental problems prior to your trip. If a problem arises while on your trip:

  • If there is no pain or sensitivity, avoid using that areas when chewing and schedule an appointment with your dentist when you return.
  • If you lose a crown or damage a denture, keep them in a safe place, if possible, and schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as you return home.
  • There may be situations in which you need to see a dentist while on your trip. Be sure to check with someone you know or take a look at online reviews. This may help you find a reliable dentist for your emergency visit.