Wondering what age your child should start seeing the dentist?

Your child’s first visit is an important one, but at what age should you bring your child in for his/her first visit? Three years old is a good time to bring your child in for his/her first dental visit. At this age many of the baby teeth have come in and should be examined. It’s always a great idea to schedule a dental appointment for your children before there are suspected problems. Let’s face it, dental offices can be scary places and most children need a couple easy visits before they will be comfortable enough to handle even a simple filling. It is our pleasure to ensure your child’s first visit is a positive one. For more information about your child’s first visit, please watch our video at https://www.familydentisttree.com/childs-first-visit.htm!

Child Visits photos
We will help your child feel at ease, providing sunglasses to keep the light from shining in their eyes and stuffed animals to keep them company during their appointment.


Family Dentist Tree Children's Play Area
Your child is welcome to play in our play area while waiting for his/her appointment to start!