Holiday uses for your floss!

The holidays are quickly on their way and if you are anything like me I can easily find myself in a bind when it comes to having holiday guests. In addition to keeping your pearly whites clean for those holiday photo smiles, did you know that floss can be handy for other holiday preparations?

photo of floss

  • Have a holiday sign and no way to hang it? Use floss on the back to hang on a nail!
  • Can’t find your ornament hangers? Tie floss on your ornaments to hang them on the tree!
  • Do you like to have a string of popcorn garland on your tree? String it with floss!
  • A button fell off your favorite sweater the morning of your holiday meal? Use floss to sew it back on!
  • You made your monster cookies extra crumbly this year? Slide floss under them to get them off your baking sheet without falling apart!
  • Making Cinnamon rolls for the guests that stayed overnight? Use floss to cut your roll of dough into individual rolls!
  • Stuffing your turkey and forgot string? Tie the legs together with unwaxed floss!

These are just a few of the many alternative uses for floss. We hope you find these useful over your holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Family Dentist Tree!

Family Dentist Tree Rochester, MN Team