How Can Your Phone Help Your Oral Hygiene?

hygienist, Erin
Erin Registered Dental Hygienist Family Dentist Tree
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Select multiple colors and settings with DJ Brush!

Maintaining a regular brushing routine can be difficult no matter what age we are. The recommended two times a day for two minutes can be easily overlooked in our busy lives. Our hygienist, Erin, is here to tell you how you can be sure you are achieving your daily goals and that you’re having fun doing it with new technology!


For teens and adults there are multiple phone apps to aid in daily brushing. Brush DJ is a free app that is available for all types of devices and plays your favorite songs right from your phone or tablet for the recommended two minutes. You can also set reminders for brushing twice daily, daily flossing, and when you are due for your next checkup and cleaning!

Oral-B now also has an electric toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity. The Oral-B Pro 5000 with Bluetooth can be connected to your phone with a simple app that connects via Bluetooth. This option gives you immediate feedback on your brushing habits and allows you to track your progress over time with graphs and charts! There are also adjustable settings to help you focus on areas that your dentist or hygienist recommended at your last visit and you can set reminders, such as when to change your brush head or that you may be brushing too aggressively.

example of oral b app

For our younger patients there are multiple apps that can be downloaded to a phone or tablet to make brushing in the morning and night more enjoyable. Toothsavers is a free app that encourages two minute brushing while unlocking new game levels each time your child brushes for two minutes. Disney also offers a timer that is used with their Crest Oral-B Health Stages products. You download the app and scan the product code and watch your child brush along with their favorite character twice daily.

With so many options available, it can be easy to find a motivator that works for you and your family.

Whether it is brushing to your favorite song, or using a brush that gives real time feedback, brushing for the recommended two minutes, twice daily along with flossing and regular visits to your dental provider will help ensure proper oral care.