Tooth Extractions in Rochester, MN

Tooth extractions are a common dental procedure and can be necessary for a variety of reasons. While no one wants to experience a tooth extraction, this simple procedure can improve the overall health of your mouth. Reasons for Tooth Extractions Crowded Mouth: Some patients have a crowded mouth in which the teeth begin to encroach upon each other. This can be caused by extra teeth, abnormally shaped teeth, or even genetics. Crowding is often corrected with orthodontia, but can also necessitate tooth extraction to make space for the teeth. Decay or Infection: If tooth decay becomes so severe that the tooth can’t Read More →

Why Choose Digital X-Rays in Rochester, MN

Dental x-rays are an essential part of your regular dental examinations. We use x-rays to look for hidden tooth decay, abscessed teeth, and conditions of the jawbone. Additionally, dental x-rays allow us to inspect the condition of dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, implants, root canals, and bridges. Benefits of Digital X-Rays Digital x-rays offer many benefits, including: Reduced radiation exposure (50-90% reduction over traditional x-ray films) Elimination of darkroom chemicals, which is better for the environment Secure storage in our computer system and can be easily transmitted for insurance purposes, referrals or record transfers An almost instantaneous ability to view Read More →

Restorative Dentistry in Rochester, MN

At Family Dentist Tree, we want your smile to shine. That’s why we provide restorative dentistry. If your teeth have been damaged or lost we have the tools to restore your smile and maintain your dental health.  Our restorative services include: Fillings If you have a cavity, we’ll help you decide which type of filling is right for you. Crowns A crown is a dental restoration that caps a damaged tooth and restores it to original shape, function, and beauty. Bridges A bridge is a connected row of artificial teeth that fills in the space left by missing teeth. It Read More →

Missing a tooth? What are your options?

A missing tooth can be troubling, to say the least. So, we asked one of our assistants to give us a quick summary of some of the options available to replace your missing tooth! Full or partial dentures are one option to replace missing teeth. This option is typically best for anyone missing several or all of their teeth. A partial denture is removable. Teeth are inserted on the partial denture where your teeth are missing. Clasps are placed on the partial denture that hook around your natural teeth to hold it in place. A full denture is also removable Read More →