Tips for Your Teeth This Holiday Season

Holiday Smile
With this holiday season in full swing, many of us begin looking in the mirror and paying closer attention to our teeth before our family gatherings. During the hustle and bustle of the year, we tend to put our needs last. This may include putting off a tooth that has been bothersome on and off, noticing rough edges on teeth that never had rough spots before and noticing our teeth are looking a bit faded.

When is it time to see the dentist and what can you do?

For most people, we recommend coming in for a routine checkup with your dentist and hygienist every 6 months to address any concerns, clean off staining and buildup, to check for cavities, gum disease and other conditions.

Sensitivity and Pain

If you are having sensitivity when eating hard foods, nuts or seeds, especially if it seems to be in a specific spot, you should give us a call and get an appointment scheduled. This symptom can sometimes mean a fracture is starting and progressing into the inner part of the tooth. It’s best not to let this symptom persist, as it can lead to a total tooth fracture that requires more attention, time and money. Cold sensitivity in a specific area can also indicate this same diagnoses.

Generalized cold sensitivity, meaning all over the mouth isn’t always a quick trip to the dentist. Often times, consistently using a sensitive toothpaste with the ingredient potassium nitrate morning and night for at least three weeks can help to relieve sensitivity. Make sure to pay attention to how often you experience the sensitivity and what triggers it. As always, if it is worrisome or out of the ordinary, please come in to have it evaluated.


If you notice the color of your teeth isn’t where you’d like it to be, there are several options we offer to give you a bright smile before the holidays! While crest white strips are a great option for some, they don’t always provide the extra boost teeth need to achieve your desired shade. Our office offers Opalescence in a few varieties.

Most recently, we’ve added an Opal GO option. You receive a box of 10 pre-packed trays. Directions are listed inside and we are happy to go over this upon purchase. You only need to wear these trays for 15-20 minutes and you can repeat daily, or every other day. You can also try using one tray a week to maintain your desired shade. This is a nice, quick, go to product to brighten before get togethers.

We also offer traditional opalescence. This process involves impressions, then custom trays are made to perfectly fit your teeth. Instructions for use are reviewed, and you will receive gel syringes and your custom trays. Typically, you wear these trays over night for approximately 2-4 weeks. We do like to meet with patients throughout the process to assure your shade is changing and go over any questions. This process can take a bit more time, but the results are evident. The trays are yours to keep and you are able to touch up at any time by purchasing additional gel syringes.

Tooth Emergencies

If any accidents should occur during the holiday season, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We always have an on-call dentist available for questions and they are happy to help.

We hope your holiday season is merry and extra bright, and we hope to see you soon at Family Dentist Tree!