What to Know Before Your Child Gets Braces

We hope our teeth last us a lifetime. Sometimes, we experience crowding, excessive wear or even jaw issues because of teeth alignment. Finger sucking, tongue thrusting and other habits can also cause teeth to malfunction. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see children and teens wearing braces. Over the years, orthodontics has advanced with a wide range of techniques and knowledge about how our teeth function, leading to better treatment options. Routinely bringing children to the dentist gives both the dentist and parents an idea of how a child’s smile is developing. Your dentist will assess not only for cavities, Read More →

What’s the Latest ‘Buzz’ on Electric Toothbrushes?

Electric toothbrushes have been around for quite some time. They come in a variety of sizes, brush heads and prices. As a consumer, it can be tricky shopping for a new brush. Here is the advice I give patients when asked about electric toothbrushes. Brand Matters Stick with a brand that is trusted. I caution patients on purchasing battery operated five dollar brushes, because the bristles used in these brushes are not always soft or extra soft. Replacing the batteries often becomes pricey. Further, not all of the motions they use are effective at cleaning the gumline areas. Braun Oral Read More →

To Electric Toothbrush, Or Not To Electric Toothbrush?

                  You’ve heard us recommend them, demonstrate them, and put them on display, but the real question is, should you be using an electric toothbrush? We checked with our hygienists and here is what we found out:  When used properly, electric toothbrushes are able to remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush. The sonic or spinning action that electric toothbrushes provide helps loosen plaque and sweep it away. This can help reduce the risk of gingivitis and may lead to healthier gum tissue. The tooth by tooth cleaning action that electric toothbrushes provide are effective yet gentle with Read More →